Why New Zealand Country?

Cruise ship in Milford Sound, Fiordland National Park, New Zeala

Why New Zealand Country?

Destination New Zealand, a virtual travel guide to Aotearoa, the Land of the Long White Cloud. New Zealand (NZ) is an island country in the South Pacific Ocean located about 2000 km (1,300 mi) east of Australia. The island-nation consists of two main islands and some smaller islands. The main islands are the North Island (Te-Ika-a-Maui), and the South Island (Te Wai Pounamu) which are separated by the Cook Strait.

The Realm of New Zealand (a geopolitical entity) comprises New Zealand, the Cook Islands, Niue (an island), Tokelau (some coral atolls) and the Ross Dependency, a region in Antarctica.

With an area of 270,467 km², the country is slightly bigger than the United Kingdom (242,900 km²), or about the size of the US State of Colorado. New Zealand’s main islands are the largest part of land that is emerged from the largely submerged continent of Zealandia.

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